Why should we study algorithms? — [Introduction to Algorithms]

Introduction to Algorithms

What is an Algorithm?

An algorithm, in simple words, is a well-defined computational technique that takes a value or set of values as input and outputs another value or collection of values. As a result, an algorithm can be defined as a set of computations that turns an input into an output.

Algorithms can also be thought of as instruments for resolving certain computational problems. In general, the link between input and output must be properly specified in order to characterize a computational problem.

Why Algorithms?

I am on web development for 2 years from 2019 to now. and I made various apps on ios, and Android platforms and achieved a lot of results during the 2 years. But, there were many problems with such programs that I made.

1. Speed

The majority of the programs I created were quite slow. I didn’t know anything about algorithms at the time. As a result, I implemented the functionality and published it to GitHub without planning in advance. This resulted in a major issue. Functions and structures that were constructed without a plan began to tangle, resulting in slowness.

2. Not sure why the code works

real programmer
Real Programmer

I often don’t understand why my code works when I write code without a plan or copy and paste code from Stackoverflow. (Even if it isn’t working lol)


These are the two reasons why I should study algorithms. So, I bought an Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas h cormen. Beginning today, I’ll be writing about this book three times a week. From insertion sort and merge sort through NP-complete problems, I’ll go over everything discussed in this book.

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